Learning to forgive and forget

Yes. I finally know how to easily remove anger from my system. I pray to God.

But then I think i’m not fully healed because I’ve been enjoying drinking alcohol. It’s fun, yes, I don’t know if I’m changed that I’m doing it for fun, or if I have a problem.

Anyway, I wasted a perfectly good Friday night! I was taking notes for a study guide only to find out that the answers to the study guide were available already. Gave up on taking notes because the chapter is sooooo long. Should’ve just read it though.

I have plans for myself, to be a better person that involves money. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to come so I’m saving up for it. I finalize the things I needed to buy for myself, in order so that I wouldn’t have to buy something impulsively or enroll in a gym. Haaaayyyy… but I think I’m okay.

Maybe I’m just sleep-deprived.

I need to read the Bible again. Maybe start yoga in the morning, then jog in place for 30 minutes. 🙂