Stressing right now to prevent stressing next week

I was so anxious a couple of hours ago because of studying for physiology. I have to ace my preliminary exam or else!!! Here is a little history:

On my first take of Physiology A, I got passing (70%) shifting exam scores, and 40% major exam scores. So I failed because the major exams had a higher percentage of the total grade.

I repeated Physiology A, I got passing (70-80%) shifting exam scores and 60% major exam scores. So this time I passed. 🙂

Now in Physiology B (Oh my God, please Lord, I wouldn’t like to repeat Physio B as well!), I had a 56% and 62% shifting exam scores, and next week is the major exam!!!! SO I HAVE TO GET 80% and above or ELSE!!!!

Topics are: Renal Physiology, intro to endocrine physio, Pituitary Gland, Pancreas, Thyroid, PTH & Ca Metab. So I finished reading Guyton on all of them, except for renal physiology. BUT I’ve only finished writing notes for PTH & Ca Metab, and onto finishing Thyroid…

I was so stressed out a while ago, because I felt the need to race against time. Studying, writing notes, rereading as if the major exam is gonna be tomorrow already. So I needed the company of friends to bring my heart rate to normal. I felt like fainting a while ago!!!

I’m okay now, need to finish Thyroid! 😀


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