Learning from my mistakes

I passed my gross anatomy first shifting exam! However I wasn’t fortunate enough in my physiology exam 😦 Super sad. But anyway wasn’t able to do my bestest so I’m accepting it. We had two weeks before the physio exam and I only studied the night before. That night while I was studying, I was wondering.. what happened?? How did I not try to study the topic before??? Sooooo mistakes, regrets. Next week we have another exam, oh yeah gross anatomy and physiology on the same day! So I’m not making the same mistake anymore, I’m studying physiology right now. (I’m giving it my top priority because I failed on the first exam, can’t make that same mistake again)

This is part of the first chapter. there are 2 more chapters to read. Plus, I plan on reading Pocket Guyton too and the physio manual. So that I’ll have a really thorough knowledge of the topics. I really can’t afford to relax, be lenient, and just be okay with saying “I don’t know” on the next exam or on the next small group discussion. God, the first SGD was so embarrassing, I’ve seen the disappointed look on my professor’s face. Won’t happen again, I’m telling you! Okay so back to studying now.. wish me luck!!! 6 days before the exams!!


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