Breakfast in Bed

Yes, breakfast in bed thanks to my imaginary boyfriend (who served it to me) Koko. Did you know he has his own cereal???

Kidding aside, i am back to my dorm getting ready for school, which starts in 2 days!!!

I am conditioning myself, getting some rest and thinking of studying too haha!

Oh oh oh the life of a medical student!

On a lighter note, last Sunday I watched reruns of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 18. It was my first time to watch the episodes. Watched it because there weren’t any good shows to watch at the moment. BUT, i have to say, after watching one episode I learned some important things, well, for a girl. So anyway I continued to watch it until there were only 3 girls left.

This is Laura LaFrate, the runner-up. Really liked her photos and the way she handled gossip. I love how she’s really honest about herself, and still respectful (seems to me), unless of course you tell others she sleeps with people just to make her way to the top. hahaha!! If someone spreads nasty rumors about me, I’ll snap at the person too (hopefully, not just in my mind)!!!

 And this is ANTM Cycle 18 winner, Sophie Sumner! YAY! Like her because she’s thin like me, haha kidding! Love her because of her bubbly attitude! I bet she’s really nice!

Can’t believe I’m 6 days older than Sophie and a year older than Laura! Why do I have a body of a 14 year old??? HAHA

Loving Sophie’s pink hair. Fits well for her bubbly personality. 😀


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